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Jul 28, 2008



I may still be intimidated by French cuisine and not yet have a desire or taste for offal...but I am intrigued about this man's life. It reminds of my days as a young soccer player and having the senior players mangle my name, insist I clean and carry their muddy boots, until that magical day when I was at last recognized as a player of quality (and an American at that) and I was accorded the respect the other senior players received. Recognition and paying ones' dues is an important life lesson no matter the art or field we participate in. Pepin was a name I had lost in my memory, now, I think I will go back and learn what I missed out on so long ago.


I bought this book for $1 when I volunteered at the WETA station a few years ago...for some reason I just could not get into it. But I do love his shows!

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