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Jul 14, 2008



Not a good place for friends or family. I was turned off by the lack of service and the over bearing manager. The food was overpriced and not good for the price we paid. I did not complain just got out of the place and will never return.


This place was awful. The service (waitress and manager) was poor and the food was terrible. I actually walked out -- the first time I have ever done that. Stay away! You're better off eating frozen pizza at home.


Oro Pomodoro has improved so much! The food is excellent! From the appetizers to the pizzas and pastas. The food is affordable and very reasonable. The hostess and the waitstaff are all unbelievably amazing. They were all so polite and attentive. I really recommend this restaurant!


Love Oro!! I have been going since it first opened and must admit the service has improved 100%...but the food has always been really good. If you are Italian and have been to Italy - you will realize that the food is very authentic to our homeland. It is not the same sort of food that many chains have brained washed us to believe is Italian. The Pizza is made and tastes like the pizza you would get in Naples. The Mozzarella and the Red Sauce are made fresh like my grandmother use to make. If you want "American Italian" go to Macaroni Grill or Pizza Hut if you want real Italian visit the folks at Oro!!


I have to say I was a little shocked reading some of these reviews. I am a regular customer at Oro and have never experienced anything except for exceptional service and food. In October I took a trip to Italy and was shocked at how authentic the food at Oro is, to me Oro even outshined all but one of the meals I had in Italy. As for the vegetarian review one of our friends has been a vegetarian for years and has never had diffuculty ordering meals at Oro. The staff is outstanding, friendly and helpful.


After a couple recent visits, I've sworn never to return to Oro. See the update on the review above for more info...


Ate there today for lunch. Their sandwiches are OK, but I would definitely not recommend this restaurant to anyone. My coworker had pasta with chicken, and it was elementary schoollunchroom quality.

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