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Zagat DC-Baltimore 2009 Guide Released Today - A Chat with Tim and Nina Zagat



I caught the list by a chance visit to OpenTable earlier today - I made 7 reservations in 7 days based on whim.

I look forward to this summer's DCFoodies guide, so I can decide which of these I'll be doing.

Any word on who will have extended RW dates?


Dino will be doing the entire month of August. Full menu available with only one upcharge (ATW) for our 1 kilo Bistecca. We are also including a limoncello, grappa or vin santo with your dessert. We are still offering Wine Madness (33% off wines $50 a bottle or more) on Sunday and Mondays in August, but there will be no free corkage August 11 thru 17.


Oh Kings of Restaurant Week:

Any clue when your guide with menus will be out? I find it helpful year after year.



We'll get the menus out asap. What I will say is that most restaurants don't decide what the menu will be until a week or two before, especially those restaurants that are working with fresh, local ingredients, because what's available can change from week to week. If you need info now, refer to past posts for menu information. That will at least tell you, with fairly good accuracy, if a restaurant will have their full menu or a "special" menu.


Are 1789 and BLT Steak not participating?


If they're not on the list, then no. I thought I saw them though.


I encourage all to go to instead of open table to see the full list. Some restaurants don't use open table but are prticipating.


1789 is not participating but they have their own 3-course summer offer for $37: (must print and bring coupon)


I've never liked the idea of RW. City-wide events are great, but there isn't a huge incentive for chefs and F&B managers to "put out." For higher-end joints, the price point often attracts a set of people who won't be likely to return any time soon. Tips are lower for the seasoned waiters. And crammed seatings often beget temporary wait-staff that are indifferent (at best) to customers and also possess little knowledge of what they are serving. And more often than not the menu on offer is little more than banquet food.


Do you have any menus for Bethesda's RW?

Mike Bober

We're working on a comprehensive (or as comprehensive as we can muster) list for Bethesda-Chevy Chase RW as we speak, Dan! Should be up tomorrow, I would bet.


I personally love R.W. It gives me a chance to try out the atmosphere, food and personality of an expensive restaurant at a more reasonable price.

For this reason alone, I would think R.W. would be an incentive to chefs. My husband and I are more than happy to pay for a great dinner out, so if we are wow'ed during restaurant week, then we are more probable to return to the restaurant than if we were simply looking at the menu/reviews and trying to decide if it is worth the $$ when we already have so many ole trusties (2941!)

Can't Wait in Arlington

Does anyone know the dates for the Jan 09 Restaurant Week?

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