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Jul 11, 2008



The mussels at Granville Moore's were built up quite a bit before I had a chance to visit for the first time this past Monday evening. The beer menu was superb as advertised, but the mussels were lackluster. Don't get me wrong, the broths of the Formage Bleu and Navigateur were seriously good, but the mussels themselves were miniscule, and adding insult to their already small size, overcooked. While I'll certainly make it back for another try, I am left with the hope that their recent success doesn't detract from their food.

Mike Bober

kcr211 - Check out Teddy Folkman's interview with Washingtonian Magazine's Best Bites Blog: http://www.washingtonian.com/blogarticles/restaurants/bestbites/8634.html

When asked about the mussels they use, he says that they purchase rope-grown mussels from a farm on Prince Edward Island. Here's the part that speaks to what you're talking about:

"I know summer’s a little harder for mussels because the shells are a little thinner, the mussels are a little smaller. It’s just the season. But at least I know with this fishery when that season’s gonna be."

Generally speaking, mussels are always going to be smaller and less impressive during the summer months, whether farm-raised or wild.

I would give them another shot in September, when mussels come back into their natural growth season. They should be much nicer then.

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