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Aug 27, 2008



Hmm..I'm think grilled halloumi and grilled peaches might be nice.


I bet paneer grills well too.


Love Halloumi! makes a great bruschetta. layer sourdough bread, slice of halloumi, slice of tomato, fresh basil, garlic, drizzle olive oil and broil and you have a delicious appetizer.

Mike Bober

Ramona - I like the sound of that! The textures might not quite work together, but the flavors definitely would.

Jason - Good call. Paneer is another 'squeaky' cheese that doesn't tend to melt. I bet it would work.

Jamie - That sounds DELICIOUS! Thanks for the recommendation.


Yum! Looks like a tuna steak :) I gotta try grilling it. I've pan fried it before, but grilling must give much more depth to the flavor. I've bought mine from the greek market in Vienna (right by Amphora). I haven't seen it at my Trader Joe's..will have to look more carefully.

Mike Bober

SB - I'm not certain if Trader Joe's still carries it. They like to describe themselves as a "New Product Company" - which is a nice way of saying that they frequently discontinue lower-selling items and items whose profit margins aren't as favorable to make room for new products. It's definitely worth checking, but I can't say for certain that it's there.


Big fan of halloumi. I mean cheese that you can toss on the grill. What's not to love about that? I was really excited to discover that the new Nandos in Chinatown offers it. I had it with the livers and warmed pita bread ... awesome.

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