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Aug 18, 2008



I've always been a fan of Rasika, and often go even when it isn't Restaurant Week in DC. I went for dinner last night and quickly realized that the Restaurant Week menu is no "deal" at Rasika since the new dinner price is 35.08 (with tax ends up being close to $40...add tip, etc.) I'd say pick a good appetizer there (palak chaat is my favorite) and any entree on the menu and you'll be happier than if you'd limited yourself to the Restautant Week menu.

Also, has anyone done the tasting menu there and sat in the open kitchen seats?


Went to Rasika for lunch last week: LOVED.

Had dinner at Equinox and it was rather disappointing.

This week going to Farrah Olivia and PS7: cannot wait!!!


Willow is extending their Restaurant Week menu until the 23rd. Went there on Sunday and had a great meal.


I also had a very disappointing dinner at Equinox. The service was horrible and the food was mediocre.


went to willow. service was top notch and the food was beyond incredible. would definitely go regular price for special occasions

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