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Aug 25, 2008



When grilling chicken or hen, I like to toss a bunch of rosemary and thyme under the chicken when I put it on the grill to infuse some flavor into it. I also brine my chicken overnight beforehand, but that takes considerably more effort.


Great recipe. I think most folks assume cooking a whole bird is a big to-do. It really isn't. The best part is eating the leftovers all week in different dishes.

Mike Bober

I'm a big fan of brining, as well, but I've found you can get most of the benefit of brining if you do it for as little as three or four hours before throwing the bird on the grill or into the oven.

Cornish hens are a fun change of pace...good idea!

Taresa Schmidt

great recipes. I like the idea of serving with taco shells...there's a lot of possabilities there for people to do as they please.

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