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Weekly Blog Round Up

Heard around the DC Foodies blogosphere this week...Back in the day (read-my day) we let our fingers do the walking. Now, they do the talking via boards, blogs, chats and Twitter. From noun to verb, as a plate went from something you ate your food on to artfully placing your food upon the plate, as Google is a search engine and the act of using said search engine, Twitter is at once a microblog and the act of microblogging. With Twitter, you can tell your readers what you are doing at every waking moment of the day. More and more, food lovers and food critics alike are using Twitter to note what they are eating and where they are eating it at.

This week, Adour, the new Alain Ducasse restaurant in the St. Regis Hotel, was Twittered about by Todd Kliman of the Washingtonian. Over the course of a 4-hour meal, Kliman gave a real-time restaurant review, tweeting "The baguette: thin, perfectly airy, with a great crumb" and "Gala apple souffle. A touch undercooked, with a wonderful vanilla ice cream".

You can read the bite by bite account of Kliman's dinner here, as did Ducasse himself. In real time, of course. We're curious what people think of this. Should one wait until the end of the meal to pass judgment, or is every thought as we're eating a meal relevant?

Once word spread about Michael Landrum's newest restaurant, Ray's The Heat, Don Rockwell members began posting in earnest with heightened anticipation. Landrum's newest restaurant, scheduled to open in Spring '09, will be located in a strip mall at Minnesota Avenue and Benning Road in NE Washington DC. According to Landrum (as reported in the Washingtonian's chat this week), the menu will focus on "soulful" cooking with dishes such as Nashville Hot Chicken and Maryland Stuffed Ham on Sundays.

The District Domestic reported on her guest appearance on Emeril Green, episode: Lovin' Lamb. Filmed at the Whole Foods in Fairfax. Sarah learned how to turn her tough inedible lamb into a spectacular dish.

Busy blogger Where In DC continues to dish out recipes and restaurant visits. This week, WIDC tells readers that John, the Burrito Man at 15th and K is back in business. Via text, he tells WIDC "I will make (friends) the BEST and FRESHEST burrito they have ever had. Don't forget the GOOSE sauce!" Goose sauce?

Who knew there is a whole month to celebrate fungi? This week, Metrocurean gives us 7 ways to celebrate Mushroom Month, including PS 7's 5-course mushroom tasting menu (available all month) and the mushroom tasting trio during happy hour at Nage.

Finally, you can rate your "foodie-ness" according to Synesthesia and Capital Spice. How many of The Omnivore's Hundred have you eaten..or would you eat?



Anything on the new developments in Glover Park? As a GP resident, I'm thrilled about Surfside, Breadsoda, even Z burger, in the 'hood. Anything on Gin and Tonic or anything else moving in?

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