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Oct 21, 2008


Troy Patterson

That sounds amazing! I'm a huge fan of octopus, having first tried it as pulpo a la gallega at Jaleo.


If you do try the recipe, consider adding grilled halloumi chesse or smoked mozzarella. You'll be doubling down on the dairy, but it'll be excellent.

The Pumpernickel

I think I'm going to try this with squid. I love octopus, but the former doesn't involved trekking out to Eastern Market lol.


Whole squid would work great here. But if you want to try it with the octopus, you can also find it at the wharf on Maine Ave.

Suburban Sweetheart

You are a brave, brave man... My stomach mutinied just reading this.


Now where can I get some good fish tacos like I've had in CA? Is it even possible?


I tried octopus in Turkey, and man was it ever delicious!
It is one of those things I feel bad for eating though (they are really intelligent).


The pig is also a pretty intelligent animal and I've never had a problem with bacon.

As to Allen's question about fish tacos, I've had them from time to time at local D.C. restaurants, but none of them stood out. And the one time I had "authentic" fish tacos in San Diego, I wasn't too impressed because they came with soft corn tortillas, not flour. If that is the traditional way of serving them, then I'm not a fan (never did like corn tortillas). So my advice is to grill a few white or red fish fillets (catfish, snapper, tilapia) on the grill or batter and fry them in oil and make your own fish tacos (with flour tortillas, of course). For toppings I'd use avacado, caso blanco, fresh tomatoes and a lot of hot sauce.


Allen: Best SD-like fish tacos I've had in the DC area are the fish tacos at Taqueria Poblano in Del Ray.

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