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Nov 12, 2008



Sounds great! About how long does it take for the Risotto to cook in the chicken stock?


Risotto should cook in the stock for about 25 minutes in my experience.


While vigilance is required, it's actually not necessary to stir constantly - just enough to keep it from sticking to the bottom.


I really love to make the Risotto Balls with leftovers too. I usually add a little chunk of fontina or mozzarella to the center to make a nice chewy surprise. I have also had this with finely chopped salami incorporated into the risotto mixture.

Mike Bober

Elizabeth and I love making risotto when the weather gets colder. The broth/stock/liquid usually is absorbed within 30 minutes, but you need to be careful not to add too much at once.

I've never been a fan of the white truffle oil - it's expensive and most of the oils that are out there don't really use truffles at all.


Mike--If you buy Urbani white truffle oil, you will not be disappointed. The truffle taste is transcendent. You're right, some other oils are pale in comparison.


I have black and white truffle oil that I have been looking for good recipes for. Roughly how much white truffle oil do you use in this recipe?


i made this last night - was surprised how quickly the rice cooked (in about 45 minutes, as opposed to the hour-plus i seem to remember from previous forays into risotto). it was a bit too cheesy for me, and i finished it with black truffle oil instead of white truffle oil (hey, it's what i had in the pantry), but it was yummy. i will probably make it again, but with bacon instead of proscuitto (frying proscuitto struck me as sacrilegious, but i did it anyway), or with un-fried proscuitto, sliced into thin strips.

Taresa Schmidt

I think un-fried proscuitto would be good, but I was looking for a little crunch to add to this dish. personal preference!
Mike's comment about truffle oil and many brands' lack of actual truffle in the oil is a good one, but you can find the good stuff around here. And when you do, I think it's hard to beat that intense flavor and aroma.
Chilihead- I used a pretty small amount in this recipe- a "cap full" is all it needed. (and the size of my cap was about a nickel's diamter and as thick as the pad on my thumb.


Some more variations (pick and choose):

- Saute garlic with the onions

- Add a little bit of white wine before adding the chicken stock.

- Instead of prosciutto, use lamb or peas (not the lamb bone/stock though as it can be overpowering)

Risotto is a surprisingly easy and flexible dish. Grown-up Cheesy Rice - great comfort food on a cold day.

Brandon Green

I love risotto! Here's a cool cooking lesson on making it with Todd Gray of Equinox:


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