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Dec 15, 2008



Go Bucs. But tired of the Gruden games.


BBQs Galore had a going-out-of-business sale with a Ranch Kettle marked down from $999 to $499. I was so close to picking it up, then I realized that, for a fraction of the price, I could just dig a pit, line it with rocks, lay down some cinder blocks and rebar, and smoke a whole damn pig old-skool-style. So that's my "home improvement" project next year.

Meat-wise, the local Asian food marts are a great resource. I picked up some whole, uncut hanger steak for $3.99 a pound (great excuse to learn how to trim your own meat), as well as full cryovac brisket (point and flat), whole fryers for .79 a pound, full rib racks, etc. Spotted some nice deals on whole monkfish at Super H, too.

HIGHLY recommend Raichlen's "BBQ USA" book. Kinda cooking-meets-regional-cuilinary-anthropology. He does a great job of breaking down regional differences in bbq styles, meats, seasonings, and techniques. Great recipe for Baltimore pit beef, too.


Great ideas all around monkeyrotica. Anything that Raichlen puts out, I'd recommend reading. The man knows his business. And you're right, the ethnic markets throughout the area are great places to buy meat (fish, fowl, beef and swine). I particularly like H Mart's selection of live fish and offal.

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