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Dec 30, 2008



A dear friend and mentor gave me that Marcella Hazan cook book a few years ago and it's a prized posession. I've made this sauce several times. and it's delicious! I've never really had the cojones to put in all that butter, but what I do put in gives the sauce a rich full taste, and it cuts into acid somewhat. I always include the onion in my sauce though


I just finished making this sauce and I'm not impressed. It tastes like canned tomatoes mellowed slightly with butter. And the onion imparted virtually no flavor. I will put the sauce in the fridge overnight and see if it improves with age. I was truly hoping this simple sauce would be better than it is.


I love to cook and Marcella's cookbook is one of my all time favorites. She has a number of great sauce recipes and I love making her one of smothered onions. Yummy!

Bill - did you cover the sauce when you cooked it? That or too low heat might be part of the problem. Give it one more try. It's really a rich and wonderful sauce.

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