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Dec 01, 2008



We grill our turkey for Thanksgiving. It has become a family tradition. We made Thanksgiving a grill holiday.


Nice post. I have been a life long low and slow aficianado and have tried a lot of cookers. I have found that moving to an insulated box / vertical smoker allows one to smoke year round with great consistency. I currently use both a Cookshack smoker as well as a large Stumps GF-223. Both give great results regardless of the weather or temp.


I smoked a Brisket for 12 hours in my Weber Smokey Mountain over the weekend. I was magnificent.


Chaofun, do you do anything to help your smoker stay warm, such as keep it out of the wind, feed it more wood, ect.?

Reid, I like the idea of the smoker boxes like the Cookshack and Stumps, but like my Weber bullit, they tend to be one-dimensional, i.e. smoking only. The smoker I used for cooking the birds and sausages can do double duty as a grill, which seems to be a huge bonus in its favor.


Drew, I used a Weber for many years and it is a great grill/smoker. I just got tired of having to stay close by when I did a smoke especially in cold or wet weather. Now I toss the meat in and take it out 10-12-14 hours later and never check the box temp... guess I am just getting lazy..LOL!!!

Jay Reeder

Not to be the health police, but I have to ask: you do know that the smoking process adds carcinogens to food, right?

Studies have found that a diet rich in home-smoked foods doubles your risk of stomach cancer (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7447916 ).

Enjoy, but be aware.


Hi Jay, I think you're reading the wrong site. Perhaps you are better off over here...


LOVE smoking in the winter. Three Weber Smokey Mountains and a Kamado. What kind of wood did you use? Fruit woods seem to work the best, and you really can't oversmoke with apple. Mesquite and hickory can go a little overboard but never apple.

I've found that rain or snow doesn't have much impact on internal smoking temps. But WIND will cause massive temp drops.


For fuel, I was using a combination of red and white oak, mostly red. So monkeyrotica, do you do anything to insulate your smokers from the winter elements?


No insulation on the WSMs, and once they're locked in at 180 to 220, they're good for 8-10 hours, rain or snow. Just have to refuel, add wet wood chunks, and pour water into the pan with a flower waterer dealie (I use the Brinkmann 1-gallon charcoal pan mod). Patio umbrella to deal with sprinkles. If it's particularly windy, I might huddle the two other smokers together. Haven't noticed any temp fluctuations. Some folks use old boiler heaters, but that seems overkill for me.

The Kamado is pretty much a meat kiln; retains and radiates heat over the long haul. It'll still be warm hours after the coals have gone out.


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