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Dec 12, 2008



That is some serious nog! I'm adding this to our neighborhood holiday party!


To paraphrase Dave Barry: I am probably not guilty of understatement when I say that this egg nog is the most wonderful drink in the history of the universe.


Wait you're from Central Florida? So am I (go gators). Any idea of how far ahead I can make this before serving at a party? I've got to bring something to the office holiday party and apparently booze is ok.


Having grown up in Pasco County (go Bulls), I was amazed Columbo, born and raised in Polk County, could produce a beverage as grand as this egg nog. If you make it the night before your party, you'll be good to go. Heck, you might even get a raise.


Perfect timing -- just in time for my "Egg-Noggeration" Party tonight!

Wow, with the booze, this might just melt the ladle!


I am starting to wonder-is this DCFoodies or DC alcoholic anonymous?


Well, that is the thing about alcohol, Tim. It's something that should be consumed responsibly. If you do not believe you can enjoy this recipe or the other alcoholic beverages mentioned on DC Foodies, I recommend that you avoid them. And if you do have a drinking problem, Tim, you can still make the egg nog. Just omit the spirits and enjoy. Merry Christmas!

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