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Jan 19, 2009



Yum. I've never made this, but will try it now!


8-10 hours?

Wonder if hydration becomes and issue?

Stephanie Willis

Hydration doesn't become an issue, just make sure your crock pot is set on low (or the lowest setting on your crock pot).


That looks great! I've found that brining is the best way to make a juicy roast bird - check out my posts on roast duck and roast chicken:

http://www.ihatewheat.com/2008/12/roast-duck-with-celery-roots-beets-and.html and http://www.ihatewheat.com/2008/09/roasted-chicken-roasted-veggetables-and.html



This looks great but do try the Zuni Cafe recipe. Delicious . . . .

Andrew Lee

I can imagine the crock pot making the chicken very tender, but how does the skin turn out? The roast chicken I had at Per Se is the juiciest I've ever had, something I don't think is possible by oven roasting. The skin was crispy too. My best guess as to how they do it, is that they boil a brined chicken (probably in some rich chicken stock), and then do a quick roast in a hot oven to crisp the skin. I tried that on a turkey last Thanksgiving, and it turned out to be the best turkey I've ever had.


i have a roaster that doubles as a crock pot, so i tried this recipe in it. unfortunately, i estimated "low" to be around 220 (the roaster has the actual temp instead of low/med/hi) - and it was far too hot.

so, i've got to ask: what temperature is the "low" setting on a crock pot? i'd like to try this again, and not wind up with a leathery bird and black garlic.

Stephanie Willis

@ Andrew - the skin comes out moist but not too crispy. You could do a quick roast to crisp up the chicken skin if you'd like.

@ Jenny - I'm not 100% sure what low equates to temperature wise. But I'd suggest putting it on the lowest temperature setting. If 220 is the lowest setting, cut the cooking time in half.


stephanie - the roaster goes from 150 to 425ish - "low" is probably closer to 150 than 220, i'm willing to bet.

Lapin Agile

This is a great bistro dish anyway you look at it. Will me making it this weekend even though the weather will be nice. It's a chef's lot.

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