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Weekly Blog Round Up

Eat_more_chicken_250 The Weekly Blog Round Up is back for 2009! With new restaurants, butchers, bakers and charcuterie makers, this year looks like it's going to be a feast for foodies.

Metrocurean reported that local cheflebrity and Made in Spain book author, Jose Andres, made an enthusiastic appearance on the Martha Stewart show last Thursday. He featured a few recipes from his book, including Potatoes Rioja-style with Chorizo. If you haven't seen his show, also Made in Spain, check it out on PBS. His exuberance will made you want to get on a plane and head straight to the Basque Region of Spain, eat Pintxos and drink some hard cider with the locals. Or, you can follow his recipes in your own home.

Last year, the Weekly Blog Round Up highlighted the local blog The French Laundry at Home. Intrepid, witty, and perhaps a little obsessed, Carol Blymire has closed the final chapter on that blog and has moved on to start another- Alinea at Home. Recently featured in the Washington Post, Blymire talked about tackling the recipes of Grant Achatz, and trying them out on friends and family. It's always a good read.

Melissa McCart of Counter Intelligence wrote an article featured in this week's WaPo Food section, entitled A World of Bargains: Asian Supermarkets Attract Chefs and the Budget Minded. Local foodie and frequenter of boards such as Don Rockwell, Yoon-Hee Heather Choi, led McCart on an insightful tour of the Super H-Mart in Fairfax City. Check out the article and video to learn how to pick the best squid for calamari, and save money to boot!

This week, The District Domestic brought us an interview with Chef Massimo De Francesca of Domaso, in the Hotel Palomar in Arlington. Chef De Francesco dished about his favorite kitchen gadget, customer pet peeve and what he likes to make at home-a peanut butter and nutella sandwich.

Not surprisingly, New Years Resolutions were a popular subject this week. "Eat more fish/seafood" and "lose weight" were common themes, and a familiar conundrum to foodies. While we vow to "make my own pasta" and "make my own bread", we also want to look good by summer when merciful sweaters need to be shed. Which is why, in my household, my husband and I have blown the dust off of the StairMaster and I am walking all three of my dogs daily-one at a time. For now.

DC Foodies wants to know what your Culinary Resolutions are for 2009. Do they include a side of exercise, or a dash of guilty pleasure? Perhaps both? Let us know in the comments section.



We're going to cook more interesting things at home, and when we go out, we're going to go somewhere good. No more going out to mediocre (yet still sort of expensive) spots, no matter how neighborhood-y and cute they are on the outside. If the food doesn't wow me, I'm not wasting the hard-earned cash.

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