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The war on Roquefort cheese. Here it is in a nutshell, or a cheese wheel--if you (The European Union) are not willing to buy our hormone-laden meat, then we're effectively banning your wholesome, natural and unique Roquefort cheese (among other European luxury products) by imposing a 300% tariff on said cheese. This story was written up in the Washington Post this week and quickly spread throughout the foodie blogosphere. The story moved Jill Erber, owner of Cheesetique in Del Ray, to write a response on Cheesetique's website. Erber stated "Obviously, Roquefort is a TEENY TINY portion of imported food in the US, so why pick on this poor little cheese and, by association, the 600-person town of Roquefort? It’s called symbolism, my friends. Roquefort, like foie gras and truffles, simply says, “France”.

Erber is also responding by offering Roquefort cheese for $20.00 a pound, effecting her own culinary protest of sorts. She will carry Roquefort as long as supplies last which is "only a matter of time".

It appears the the Obamas get to have their cake and eat it too. Well, they get to retain Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford, while bringing on their own personal chef, Sam Kass. Tim Carman posted this story in his Young and Hungry blog this week, and speculated that it could be one shrewd move on the Obama's part. They won't be the ones to fire the first female White House chef, yet they have on staff a talented chef who knows how to please their palettes while emphasizing healthy eating and local foods.

This should indeed please Alice Waters, who voiced concern over retaining Comerford in lieu of hiring a White House chef more aligned with the local food movement.

Speaking of eating local, D.C. food blogger and writer Ed Bruske (The Slow Cook) wrote a 2 part series on the merits of community gardens where he muses "are they obsolete?".  Bruske argues that "gardening is more than picking flowers; gardening should be taken seriously". Gardening, specifically community gardening, can be a way of fulfilling one's civic duty by utilizing the sparest of spaces to produce food that feeds a community, including those with limited access to fresh, healthy food.

Not sure what you'll be chowing on for the Super Bowl game on Sunday?  Take a look at what some local bloggers have been making. The Bitten Word has the Ultimate Superbowl Meatfest Menu, including Buffalo Chicken Dip, Simple Ribs and Cheater BBQ Pork. Capital Spice made turducken in a Big Green Egg, and Pete, of Pete Bakes, made delicious-looking Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms.

Finally, a big Hooty-Hoo shout out to our favorite local Top Chef Season 5 cheftestant, Carla. Carla's dish in the elimination challenge put season 5 in the winner's circle, beating the "All Stars" of prior seasons, including Spike. Spike hosted a viewing party at his own Good Stuff Eatery, and Mike Bober (Capital Spice, DC Foodies) was there to report on the action - and reaction of Carla's husband when he found out (along with everyone else there) that he was going to the Super Bowl!



Yes to Roquefort! Please feel free to sign my petition, which will be sent to the US Trade Representative:


Thanks, Johanna. I will sign it and post it on my next blog entry.

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