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Feb 24, 2009


Taresa Schmidt

So are these blood sausages the same thing as keishka? (no polish jokes, please.) Because I love keishka! And I was under the impression that I might be the only one in the district to feel that way. At home in Delaware (home of scrapple and other suspicious meat products) it shows up around Easter time, along with the butter lamb, kielbasa and pickled tomatoes. But I havent seen it here. Eastern Market, here I come.


Must ... resist ... Polish ... jokes. Anyway, from what I can glean from Wikipedia about the keishka, the blood sausages I found, and am used too, is a bit different. I looks like keishkas include a grain in the ingredients, whereas the blood sausages I'm accustomed to and found at Eastern Market were pretty much all blood and pig parts. Still, if you're into keishkas, blood bangers might be right up your alley.

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