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Feb 10, 2009



Just wanted to post a quick note about Blue Ridge dairy, as I found their products for sale at Whole Foods in Clarendon. Unfortunately, their Ricotta is actually CHEAPER at Whole Foods than it was at Falls Church farmers market. :-( I think I paid $6 at the market, and saw it for $4.99 at Whole Foods.

That being said, the products were delicious!


that looks awesome! i love ricotta on pizza.


Looks incredible, how much did Matchbox charge for the dough? (I'm dough challenged so this seems like a perfectly good compromise)


Kate - Now you have me wondering if the Whole Foods on P Street has Blue Ridge Dairy Ricotta for the same price as the one in Clarendon. Will have to check that out.

Tom - They charged me $5.50 for the dough. I called first to make sure I could buy it and spoke directly to a manager.

Paul Stephan

Hello All,

Would just like to introduce myself to you all. I'm Paul Stephan, the owner and head cheese maker at Blue Ridge Dairy Co. First, thank you so much for the kind comments on our the quality of our products. i can't tell you how that excites me. As far as Whole Foods pricing.....we have no control over that. With that said, we don't want to be selling our products at the stands for more money either. I will look into all their current pricing this week and make the necessary changes at our market stands. FYI...we will be LOWERING some of our pricing here real soon!
Again. thanks for the kind words, and by all means contact me directly at brdairy @gmail.com with ANY comments or questions you may have. Paul

Ramona Padovano

I love Blue Ridge products. There's no other mozzarella for pizza, for me!
BTW...yikes!! on what you paid for dough. I pay around $2 at the Italian Store, and it makes 2-10 inch pizzas.
In any case, your pizza looks really, really good!

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