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Feb 05, 2009



mon dieu! additional sugar? what's next - antifreeze in ze wine?


I'm amazed. 2 years in jail for making wine differently than the government wants you to? This kind of thing could easily be resolved with an independent testing organization. If you want to have the "Real Beaujolais" seal of approval, then let the organization monitor your production. If not, then you don't get the seal. Think of UL registered products. No guns or jails are necessary.


If someone can make a product that is indistinguishable from a fantastic Bordeaux in a beaker, who really cares if it's authentic or not?

I assume that we Americans do not subscribe to such a shortsighted mentality. If the state of California has not declared bankruptcy yet, they should immediately fund a massive research effort to clone classic French wines in a laboratory. We would then become the largest wine exporter in the world, saving California's doomed economy.

And, since we won't need French wine anymore, we would be able to sever all diplomatic ties to France, finally getting them back for always being mean to American tourists in Paris.

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