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Mar 16, 2009



So how does the bacon compare?


Ooo, this looks so good. What would you do differently to cook it in a covered dutch oven in the oven? (I don't have a crock pot.) I'm guessing a 250-300 degree oven or so, maybe? and more water or same amount?


Sounds fantastic! I had pulled pork the other day--it's great.

Stephanie Willis

Masha - The bacon is amazing! I tried some from Eco Friendly Foods and it was even better!

Kate - Here's a recipe for pulled pork using a dutch oven at Chowhound (scroll down to the recipe titled "Fall Apart Tender Slow Roast Pork"): http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/474797


Please don't ever refer to anyting cooked in a crock pot as bbq. I'm from NC, where we do real bbq. Bbq, is a mixture of low heat and smoke from a hardwood of your choice. Your recipe looks like it's very good, just doesn't belong in the same conversation as bbq. Thanks.

Divine Ms K

Hmmmmmmmmm. I don't doubt that this is tasty, but the best part of low & slow-cooked pork (whether cooked over hardwood or in the oven, for us apartment dwellers) is the crusty outer bits (aka the char). A crock pot will generate no char, just steam. Steamed meat is tender and tasty, but by nature lacks the same depth of flavor as roasted meat. I just season the pork butt (a spice rub or just plain old salt & pepper) and cook it at 275 for 6-8 hours, until the internal temp is 195. No turning, no attention needed, as it bastes in its own fat, from the inside. I've even done it overnight (mmmm, crusty pork bits for breakfast!).


I recently made a NC style pulled pork in my crockpot. No burnt ends, but it was fantastic. This sandwich looks deeply flavored and succulent!


I make pulled pork in my crock pot all the time too. Comes out so tender! Now we need a recipe for BBQ sauce.


Last summer I used my crockpot to make a very different type of pork butt dish, the very Yucatecan cochinita pibil. I did the same thing, using just a spice rub, and got the same result with the spices getting into every bit of the pork, which also just fell apart. Mind you, I also ended up wrapping the pork butt in banana leaves. I swear, the crock pot is just awesome for cooking pork butt!


Just to clarify something missing from the Cook's Illustrated recipe. I use their pork rub recipe for bbq'd pulled pork on the grill all the time and am using it now per above instructions in the crock pot. However, the recipe above is missing one ingredient from CI's recipe: 2 TBS Chili Powder. It's just a rub and I'm sure it's good without it, but wanted to clarify that it is listed incorrect above.
For those wanting a crusty exterior, try using Tyler Florences pulled pork paste recipe (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tylers-ultimate/pulled-pork-sandwich-recipe/index.html). I've used it several times in the oven like he does but also in the crock pot and it creates a nice crusty exterior both ways.


For the link above to Tyler's recipe, remove the trailing ). to get it to work.


Making this recipe now and it's really great. Thanks! I'm doing a couple variations... first, I seared the pork for a couple minutes to get some of the good crispy bits. next, once it's in the crock-pot, I added a couple shots of bourbon with the water. Yum!


This is a great recipe for those who don't have the time or patience to tend to a pit. And don't pay attention to cwall1313 comments-everyone knows real BBQ comes from Texas! :)


Question: are you supposed to wipe off the excess spice after you marinate it? The pork was defrosted and well drained and dry, so lots of the rub stuck to it, and while I didn't add the excess marinade in the bag in, the result came out on the salty and spicy side. Still good, but not really pulled pork as I am used to it, and not really sandwich meat. More like cuban pork, in fact I'm having it with black beans and rice.


I tried this for company this weekend and it was a huge hit. Very easy and well seasoned.

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