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White house garden large This week, news of Mark Slater's departure from Citronelle was first reported on Don Rockwell. "This evening, March 14th, 2009, marks the end of Mark Slater's illustrious tenure at Citronelle. The great sommelier, who accepted the national 2007 James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine Service, has chosen to take the next step in his long and storied career.", wrote Rockwell.

The next step for Slater is Director of Wine and Service at the Ray's family of restaurants. Michael Landrum, proprietor of Ray's, wrote "..first let me enthusiastically state how proud and happy I am to have the opportunity to work with one of the most accomplished, passionate and knowledgeable wine experts in the world, as well as one of the most gracious and most genuine individuals I know. Our goal is nothing less than to create the most radicalized and subversive wine program in the country".

Local foodies and gardening aficionados will be lining up to volunteer at the newly-announced White House garden. According the the New York Times, our children's nutrition has been prominent on Mrs. Obama's agenda, as she seeks to send a powerful message regarding eating healthy, fresh foods in an effort to combat our nation's childhood obesity problem.

The Slow Cook, local champion of urban gardens and educating children about food has urged the Obamas to adopt nearby school gardens. He pondered on his blog today, "Could it be that the White House was listening?"  Perhaps, as a cohort of fifth graders from nearby Bancroft Elementary School will help to dig the 1,100-square-foot garden, planting, harvesting and cooking the bounty that it will reap.

Is Roquefort getting a reprieve? Maybe, reports Counter Intelligence in her Wednesday "Five on Food" series. According to the LA Times, the 300% tariff, set to take effect on March 23, is being pushed back one month by the Federal Trade Commission as the Obama administration tries to negotiate a settlement that benefits our beef industry.

"Bring on the Butcher Shops" wrote Warren Rojas, on his Northern Virginia magazine blog, Gut Check. Rojas noted the relatively new infusion of butchers and charcuterie makers across the Potomac, including Nathan Anda, formerly of Tallulah/Eat Bar. Anda is shopping around for a storefront location for his Red Apron Butchery to sell his "homemade sauces, gourmet foodstuffs and exotic proteins", according to Rojas. Also mentioned is the soon-to-be-opening of The Butcher's Block, Robert Wiedmaier's shop which is situated next to Brabo in the Hotel Lorien and Spa. Included in TBB's inventory will be wild game. Kangaroo? perhaps not, but you can find the marsupial meat at Stephen Gatward's Let's Meat On The Avenue in Del Ray.

Finally, Metrocurean reported this week that Sunday Suppers are alive and well. Cases in point include a family style meal at West End Bistro for $29 per person, CommonWealth's Sunday roast for around $20 per person, and the Majestic, serving Nana's Sunday dinner that costs $78 for 4 people.


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