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Chef v Heard around the DC Foodies blogosphere this week..."this city could really use another steakhouse", Metrocurean sardonically penned this week. She was alluding to the new restaurant, J&G Steakhouse, set to open later this year in the new W Hotel.  This will be the second J&G Steakhouse by star Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Michael Landrum, owner of Rays the Steaks (and the Ray's group of restaurants) responded on Don Rockwell, "In my opinion, even more disturbing (sad, really) than the proliferation of steakhouses is the continued fixation and slavish, unquestioning adulation in the local media on absentee chefs who sell-out their names in what basically amounts to a licensing scheme that funnels profits out of the local economy. Haven't they grown tired of being duped yet, just hoping for Eric Ripert to send a pout in their direction? Or worse, aren't they tired of serving as the agents of said duping?"

As J&G Steakhouse comes to fruition, just next door, a local institution is closing. The elaborate Willard Room at the Willard Hotel is closing, and will be used for private events only. If you have made a Mother's Day reservation there, you had better start typing "Open Table".

Adding to the list of shuttering restaurants is Le Paradou, with Chef Yannick Cam. During a phone interview with  Washington City Paper's Tim Carmen, Cam blamed exorbitant rent which was not negotiable. Cam stated that he will be looking for another place, possibly in McLean, VA.

If winning DC's Most Crushable Chef contest is any indication, Chef Teddy Folkman should have the competition sewn up on the next season of The Next Food Network Star. The master of mussels at Granville Moore's will be turning up the heat, and the charm. Stay tuned starting June 7th.

Congratulations to local food blogger Mango & Tomato for becoming the DC Cooking Examiner. M&T is excited to be able to share her "recipes, inspirations and cooking advice with a wider audience."

This Spring, local farmers markets are ramping up with, well, ramps! Dishtrict Plates reported that the odorous Appalachian weeds are fetching $4.50 for a small bunch at the Dupont Farmers Market, and $20 a pound at Alexandria's The Butchers Block(Brabo). You can read a hilarious account of growing up in W. Virginia, and recommendations for sage ways to use ramps.



Thank you so much for the shout out!!!!

Hot Blonde in the Kitchen

Great update--I can't believe Le Paradou! I hope they find a VA location because the Lobster in Sauternes was about the most ridiculous thing I've ever eaten!

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