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Dupont-lamb-collage-500 Heard around the DC Foodies blogosphere this week...From obits to nasty bits; here we go! Closing are Bebo (shocked!, shocked!), Farrah Olivia (moving to Crystal City and DC), and Mark and Orlando's in Dupont. This raises the question; are you patronizing restaurants more to help support them in this economy? I am trying to do my part. Although farmers markets and cooking at home are more my thing, and aside from my weekly Chinese/Thai take-out, I'm trying to make an effort to patronize some of my favorite places.  I'm also trying new restaurants with a particular emphasis on independents, or "mom and pops".

This week, Counter Intelligence spoke with Chef Mike Isabella, of Zatinya. If you were lucky enough to have attended the Dupont farmers market last Sunday, you may have sampled Zatinya's spit-roasted lamb. For Greek Easter, Chef Isabella will be preparing two whole lambs a day, through April 26th. CI noted, "But the crowd pleaser is the mini gyro. Drizzled with olive oil, the open faced sandwich is leg meat from a spit-roasted lamb, served with tzatziki, pickled onion, mint and chives." 

I sampled the lamb last Sunday (seen above), and can tell you that it was tender and succulent, finished with a pinch of chunky salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Go for lunch, go for dinner, or just get a sandwich to eat at your desk if you can. Just go! (why can't I get the Simpson's out my head right now?)

Most folks lucky enough to score tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll go to roll eggs. Foodies like Foodie Tots go to see what's cooking, and what's growing. She reported that Sam Kass, assistant chef and gardener, proudly shared freshly-plucked rosemary with inquiring families, while Jose Andres extoled the virtues of fresh tomatoes while making gazpacho.

"Sadly perhaps, I have come to expect to be gouged for alcohol. I do NOT expect to be gouged for soft drinks or coffee." wrote "Washington, D.C." this week, in a thoughtful missive to Tom Sietsema during his weekly Wednesday WaPo chat. Agreed, WDC. To wit; Sauce on the Side is reporting that throughout the month of April, Taberna del Alabardero is offering over 100 wines at retail cost. You can enjoy the 2004 Maria Casanova Rose for $50 (usually $90), or the 1998 Torres Reserva Real for $195 (usually $350). For more on tasting notes, and sommelier Gustavo Iniesta, check out SOTS's full report.

Dish-trict reports that Post Brasserie will be re-opening their courtyard, "The Garden", on Earth Day, April 22nd. Benefiting FreshFarm markets, a $5 admission fee will allow you to sample regional wines, cheeses from Cowgirl Creamery, and a host of treats from The Garden's small plates menu.

Finally, Tim Carmen (Young and Hungry Blog) gave readers an inside look at his afternoon with celeb chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain. You probably caught the No Reservations D.C. episode, where Bourdain toured eateries in the Eden Center with Carmen, and also wasted precious minutes talking spy crap over mediocre food and brew in G'town. Well, those minutes could have been spent boasting about our region's true Irish Chipper - Eammon's in Alexandria. Carmen linked to the lost Eammon's segment which was not shown in the U.S. (but was shown overseas...why??).  The segment shows Bourdain swilling a fish-topped Guinness and consuming bites of all good things fried, along with Chef and co-owner Cathal Armstrong. If anything, the segment is worthy, not because I drool at the thought of Eammon's cod and chips, and my God, I didn't even realize they serve "chipwiches" loaded with real butter, but because Armstrong deftly described Ireland's liquid gold as "angels pissin' on your tongue".


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Mike Bober

Error Twins: The link works just fine for me, and there's nothing in the post that suggests that the No Reservations episode DIDN'T air a while back.

Ramona was just pointing out (correctly) that the Eamonn's segment didn't make it into the US version of the episode and that Tim Carman has now linked to the deleted scene on his blog.


Hi Mike,
Thanks! I did have to fix the Young and Hungry blog link (having a bit of difficulty checking the links efficiently since TypePad upgraded recently-I have my "web master" looking into if for me), but yeah, Bourdain's (DC epi) deleted segment was current and of interest.

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