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Honey Heard around the DC Foodies blogosphere this week...The latest food buzz from the Fairmount Hotel in DC's West End isn't coming from the kitchen-it's coming from the roof.  All We Can Eat reported this week that 3 hives serving as home to over 100,000 bees are expected to produce 300 pounds of locally- flavored honey for the restaurant. So far, the honey's fruity top notes are thought to come from area Magnolia trees.

Cork Market is coming to 14th St., wrote Metrocurean this week. From the husband and wife team who own Cork Wine Bar, Cork Market is expected to open in the fall, and be "our neighborhood market" which will offer delivery. The store will offer a wide (price) range of wines, along with beer, gourmet foods and an open kitchen in the back featuring everything you would need for a picnic.

Continuing on his intrepid foodie quest, From Komi to Marvin reported on a convivial visit to Mini Bar this week. The 28-course meal offered dishes that "..are inventive without being pretentious, and don’t strive to be more than good food on a plate." However, some construed offerings missed the mark for FKtM, such as the Cotton Candied Eel.  To paraphrase: bbq eel + cotton candy= not good. To quote: "the whole dish reeked of some stoned chef thinking up the weirdest flavor combinations he could." Is he glad he went? You bet.

DC Foodies congratulates You Gonna Eat All That? on her 10th wedding anniversary. The happy couple celebrated at Corduroy, and were treated to great service and terrific food. Fortunately, they brought their camera along to capture their meal, including Chilled English Pea Soup, Roast and Confit Guinea Hen with local Baby Leeks and Shitake Mushrooms, and Baked Chocolate Sabayon.

Finally, The District Domestic "Imbibed in Old Town" at Jackson 20 [in the Hotel Monaco], the "King of Cocktails" on King Street. Her favorite drink is the Cuzmopolitan, "a sangria-like mixture of Plymouth Gin, Absolute Peach, Cointreau, fresh squeezed lemon juice, muddled pineapple and a floater of pinot noir." To eat, try the bucket of fried chicken-something that this girl from Buffalo couldn't get enough of.

One more note on TDD's recommendation- Tuesday and Thursday evenings are Doggy Happy Hour (seasonal) in the courtyard of the Hotel Monaco-so bring your pooch along while you dine and unwind.



I can't wait for Cork market!

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