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Jun 03, 2009



Yes, Dumping Utz for Zapps!


How exactly does Mango Mike's fit into the Del Ray dining scene?

Mike Bober

I'm with you, Archie. Zapp's are definitely a great chip.

Adam - not exactly sure about that one. A quick check of the Del Ray Business Association's membership list indicates that it's not because they're a member, so I've got no idea how they tie in.


Oh no! As if I need another reason to be in the vicinity of The Dary Godmother! Frank and I have been enjoying the soft serve waaaay too much. If that's even possible! Thanks for the Del Ray update.


Mango Mike's owners are opening a new place (reportedly a BBQ joint) on that corner next to the Dairy Godmother. (Formerly the gas station, now a construction site.) So they're participating in anticipation of their move to the neighborhood.


I went to my local Potbelly in Herndon, and was disappointed that they didn't stock the best Zapp's flavor, Cajun Crawtator, so I got the regular flavor. Still, regular Zapp's is a whole lot better than no Zapp's...

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