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CherriesHeard around the DC Foodies blogoshere this week...word quickly spread this week about the temporary closure of The Breadline for numerous health code violations. Founded by Mark Furstenberg, he responded "I was disappointed when I heard the news". Young and Hungry Blog detailed the 19 violations and the speedy remediation which allowed the lauded lunch spot to reopen its doors.

"Value-oriented" and the Ritz Carlton brand are an unlikely pairing, unless you consider ENTYSE in the Tysons Corner location. The bar and lounge will offer small plates, along with 3 and 4 course menus, according to Gut Check. "Wine'd Down Wednesdays", a weekly happy hour, will feature wine pours and a seafood bar where a variety of crustaceans and mollusks will start at $1 a pop.

Speaking of Tyson's Corner, Chef Geoff's opened a Northern Virginia location, according to Sauce on the Side, who attended the opening and benefit celebration this week. The former Colvin Run Tavern space seats 200, and is open for lunch and dinner daily. Summer specials include Cuban Salmon with Mojito Vinaigrette, and can be ordered with a Grey Goose cocktail named after the chef's wife, Nora O'Donnell.

Bart Vandaele, chef and owner of Belga Cafe in Capital Hill, grew up in the food and restaurant business in Flanders Belgium, reported Eat Washington. Practically raised by the Maitre d' at his parent's cafe, he attended cooking school in Bruges at the tender age of 12. In the RAMW nominee's restaurant, you can choose from Belgium bistro classics, or fine dining fare. Just pick of side-of the restaurant, and the menu.

Finally, here are a few recommendation for your weekend cooking. Dish-trict made a lovely Shrimp Noodle Curry-a combination of her favorite dishes at Regent Thai in DC. The Houndstooth Gourmet made a refreshing Shell Pea with Mint Soup, using peas from the Dupont Market, and Two Yolks used local strawberries to make Strawberry Lemon Marmalade.


Brandon Green

Is the Chef Geoff's menu in Northern Virginia different than the other ones?

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