D.C. Beer Bars: Birreria Paradiso - The first and the best
Foodie To-Do List: Urbana's Birthday Party, Crepe-Making for Kids, and a Labor Day Chance to Dine Out on the Farm



That's awesome; an enjoyable read.

I must say, as much as I like all the content DC Foodies offers, I truly miss the RESTAURANT REVIEWS. After all, that's why I started reading DC Foodies in the first place. Seriously, 1 review since February?

Any plans to include more in the future?


Unfortunately, reviews cost money...a lot of it. We don't make any money on this site, so it's all out of pocket for me and the other writers. Plus, I ask the writers to go to a place a few times before writing about it, so unlike other people that might go somewhere once and then write about it, we go a few times and get a full experience. I take the restaurant reviews *very* seriously, probably too much so because by writing about a restaurant online, you are putting something out there permanently that people will always be able to read. We're looking at doing a few in the next month, Poste, Inox, and possibly Comet (finally), so stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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