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Jul 29, 2009


Brandon Green

Not that it really matters, but was there any explanation for the delay in the announcement?


None that I know of. It was probably just a delay in getting the final list of restaurants together.


I'll be out of town that week so I was wondering if you have a list of places that are extending the deal for the following week. Can you offer any insights?

Wifey of a Foodaholic

Looking for the best - What's YOUR favorite restaurant week restaurant?

Mike Bober

Wifey - I've had really good Restaurant Week experiences at Dino and Bistro Bis.

It's hard to pick a 'best' or a 'favorite.' When it comes to doing Restaurant Week right, I look for places taht offer good menu selections with few upcharges.

The Passion Food Hospitality group (DC Coast, Ceiba, Acadiana, PassionFish, TenPenh) generally do a good job as well, so you might think about one of them.

Or you could go with one of the newer places on the list: Art & Soul, Columbia Firehouse, Adour, etc.


Black Salt has their menus online... now if only I could read them. I've never been able to view their menus in any browser on any OS. No idea what plugin they use:


Ok, apparently you can view it in IE with a certain Acrobat plugin. I guess I don't consider IE a browser these days... lol. Not very savvy on their part. Anyways, here is a link to the PDF file I found after looking through the page source:


looks to be much the same as last time, which was fantastic.


Art & Soul's menu:


pretty non-descriptive, anybody been for RW before?


Thank you for listing the restaurants that are extending/starting early, its very helpful.
Cafe Atlantico is also extending their restaurant week - but I'm on the search for more places that begin early!!



Wow .. really? I know that the food at Bistro Bis can be delicious, but I've gone there at least 4 separate times (weeks) for lunch during Restaurant Week and every time had the same experience: super slow service (yes, they are mobbed, but they should know it's coming, eh?) and so-so menu selections. I stopped recommending it to friends this year due to these factors. The food was good, but a 2 hr lunch, while desirable, isn't really practical for most people that work around the Capitol - now those who work IN the Capitol probably have more time :P

Thanks for the Black Salt recommendation, will have to try that - though only lunch way out there isn't too convenient ;) BTW, their menu displays fine for me in Firefox 3.0.13 with no special plugin.


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