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Foodie To-Do List: Bees, Oysters and Crabs this Weekend

TodoAs part of an ongoing effort to alert you, the readers of DC Foodies, to all of the really cool food-related events, classes and opportunities throughout the Washington Metropolitan area, we give you this week's edition of the Foodie To-Do List.

Each Wednesday, we give you a heads-up on a few of the upcoming events that we think look particularly interesting.  This week, we've got:

Free Honey Cups for Kids from Buzz Bakery to Celebrate National Don't Step on a Bee Day:

Seriously, Friday is National Don't Step on a Bee Day.  So it makes perfect sense to celebrate with the folks at Buzz Bakery.  To continue the theme, enjoy sweet treats like their classic Bumble Bee cupcakes, wildflower honey ice cream, Beehive sugar cookies and honey panna cotta with berries.  A limited number of honey-iced "Honey Cups" will be free for kids on a first-come, first-served basis.

Friday, July 10th, 6 AM - Midnight

Buzz Bakery
901 Slaters Ln
Alexandria, VA

Buzz uses the 'holiday' to draw attention to
the very real issue of Colony Collapse Disorder, an affliction that is wiping out beehives across the country.  It's a sweet reminder that beekeepers - and a pretty large portion of our nation's food supply - are in trouble if we can't figure out a way to combat CCD.

Honey cups are free to kids while supplies last.  Bumble Bee cupcakes are $2.75, wildflower honey ice cream is $2.25 per scoop, Bee Hive sugar cookies are $2.25 and the honey panna cotta is $3.95.

Inaugural Oyster Roast at Black's Bar & Kitchen in Bethesda

If you've never been to an oyster roast, you're in for a treat.  Black's will be serving up their usual variety of oysters in an array of different presentations.  Try them raw, cornmeal-fried, grilled, bacon-wrapped and even pickled!  Oyster stew and oysters Rockefeller are also on the menu for this all-you-care-to-eat feast.  Wine pairings will also be available, but the shellfish are the real focus of the event.
Saturday, July 11th, noon to 4 PM
Black's Bar & Kitchen
7750 Woodmont Ave.
Bethesda, MD
Oyster roasts are a big-time coastal tradition in the Chesapeake region and down to South Carolina.  For more details on the tradition (which usually occurs in those colder months ending in "r"), check out some of Metrocurean's writings on her own experiences with oyster roasts.  Why this one?  Think of it as a warm-up for Old Ebbitt's Oyster Fest with better prices and more cooking styles.

Cost: $45 per person.  Call (301) 652-5525 for more information and to make your reservation for this weekend.

Spice Squared - Modern Spice and Spice Xing Team Up for a Crab Dinner and Book Signing:

Pomegranate Delight.  Crab Tikki.  Pollachi Crab Masala.  Crab Gassi Mangalorean.  We're talking about some seriously delicious tastes of India that make use of our local blue crab.  Monica Bhide will be talking about and signing Modern Spice, her new book that Padma Lakshmi just described as one of the "Best Books Ever."  Combine the food with the company, and you're looking at a seriously spicy Sunday.

Sunday, July 12th, starting at 5 PM with cocktails

Spice Xing
100-B Gibbs Street
Rockville, MD

Monica Bhide is a very talented local writer whose new book is a great introduction to Indian cuisine for anyone from the accomplished chef to the ambitious novice.  At this meal, you'll get to hear her talk about the book and its contents while sampling some delicious crab dishes prepared by Chef Sudhir Seth.

$60 per person (tax and tip included) gets you the meal and a copy of Modern Spice for Monica to sign.  Tickets are also available without the book for $45 per person.  Please bring cash, as the prospect of running dozens of credit cards at the end of the meal is a bit daunting.

Sign up through this Don Rockwell thread or call Spice Xing by 5 PM tomorrow (the cutoff time for the chef to order the crab for the meal).  They have room for 60 and almost 40 responses already!


If you would like your events posted here, please email with the event info.


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