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Jul 27, 2009


the chocolate whizbang

Pine? Who in the world cooks with pine wood? A hobo boiling water for coffee, maybe.

The turpentine-like resin in pine wood produces acrid smoke that would render meat cooked with it inedible.

For your sake, I hope that was a typo.


Admittedly, I've never smoked with pine, chocolate whizbang. My point was there are quite a few details you can fuss with when it comes to barbecuing, including the wood to use. However, if you say pine is a poor wood to use (and I can see that) then I'll take your word for it. For what it's worth, I used oak logs and mesquite chips.


I couldn't agree more. I recently did a Brisket where I used Raichlen's Basic Rub and marinated overnight, then smoked it using Mesquite from a friend in SE TX, mopping with a homemade sauce. After about 5 hours (for a 7 lb Brisket), I sliced it down thin, and served with the left-over sauce. Couldn't have been any more flavorful or moist if I tried.


Thanks for the recipe sounds awesome. Sine I own a butcher shop I'm forever talkiing, selling, buying, aging, cutting, meat I get a realkick out of reading BBQ relatd blogs, and chat sites. See if your local butcher offers dry aged pork shoulders, butts or better yet whole shoulders (leg on) realy adds to the flavor.

Thanks for the recipe!

Brandon Green

Wow the smoked pork in the first photo looks delicious!

bradley stainless steel smoker

With the warm weather here, I can't wait to ramp up my bbq again. The photo of the beer made me thirsty so I am off to the fridge. I just wish we had some good IPAs available here.

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