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Aug 04, 2009



I emailed Rasika and they told me they were extending Restaurant Week until September 5, 2009.

Brandon Green

Thanks for your hard work on behalf of my palette.


PS 7's is "extending" restaurant week for the 2 weeks beforehand.


I just updated the list with a few more restaurants. I've also started combing through the restaurants' web sites for information. Stay tuned!

Amy J

The Bastille menu says Celebrate the Revolutions
From Independence Day to Bastille Day !

Available from Friday July 3rd until Tuesday, July 14th, 2009
Not served on Sundays. Wonder if it is the same for restaurant week?


Willow is extending for 1 week - menu is available on their website.

Thanks for all of the great information - I can't wait!


Just ate at Old Angler's Inn for dinner on Friday and they have a really nice RW menu. Usually kind of stodgy, but gorgeous place to eat outside and generous portions on the first course of scallops.




Just added even more menus! Willow's looks especially good...if you can find it.


Vinifera (Reston):




Are you sure that the Hook menus are not for the Feb. 2009 Restaurant Week? The .pdf files are labeled 2009-2 and have been up on the site at least a couple of weeks, longer than most other places.


That is what is on their web site. They probably just updated the files that were already there so they didn't have to change links...


Just posted some more updates! Monica and beema, thanks for the info on Vinifera and Acadiana!


Anybody seen anything on Blue Ridge's menu? I'm wondering if I should go for lunch or dinner.
Their website is still blank (just a splash page with their opening date).

Why is it so hard for some places to get on the ball with their websites?


oh and PassionFish in Reston is doing the usual Passion Foods thing, selection of appetizers and full entree menu.

Their website is down at the moment so I don't have a link, but it's up on there.


Beema, I've been wondering that for years now. Some restaurants just aren't understanding how many people rely on web sites for this kind of information.


speak of the devil, they finally added some info to their website besides a big graphic.
No info on restaurant week, but since their lunch & dinner menu are the same, I guess I might as well go for lunch and save some $$


Blue Ridge is offering their full menu according to Rob.


Just made a bunch of updates thanks to the rest of the DC Foodies writers.


Final menus have been added just in time for everyone to make plans for the weekend!


Just had lunch at Blue Ridge. They are doing their full menu, so any appetizer, any entree and any dessert. On top of that you also get to pick a "Snack" to share for the table. Very generous.
The waitstaff was very friendly and the food was pretty good (although a bit underwhelming). Very good deal though if anyone can still go on the weekend.

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