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Aug 10, 2009



Thanks for sharing your experience! This is exactly where I want to be but I'm afraid I have a few more of those beginning cook classes to go first. I've been meaning to check out CulinAerie.


This looks like a really fantastic event - will have to seriously consider the Sept 26/27 session.

I hadn't heard of CulinAerie before your post - was curious about your teaching gig there. Is it volunteer time--ie something that anyone with kitchen experience and time could sign up for?
I took a look at the website and couldn't find anything to indicate one way or the other.


Good question, Bilsko. It is volunteer time that anyone can sign up for. You can email Susan Holt and Susan Watterson at info@culinaerie.com and let them know you're interested, or stop by the school and talk to either of them in person.


Drew, Thanks for the quick response - I'm going to email them soon.


This place sounds like a great place to learn some basics. I'm a little confused, though. Were you an instructor ("helping other people learn to cook...") or a student?


I assist at CulinAerie regularly. However, for this class, I was a student.


What a great write-up and a great idea! I think it's okay for a class like this to be a little bit of a struggle. How else are you going to learn??? Bummed I'll be out of town for the next one, so hopefully they will continue to offer dates for this opportunity.

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