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Aug 03, 2009


Brandon Green

Sounds great--I used to love Dr. Dremos.


love galaxy. been living in clarendon for 4 years and started going to the hut for the past couple now. keep watch for the chalkboard at the bar for new beers on tap!

i do miss dremo's.


The Hut is one of my favorite places, ever. Note that a recent addition to the patio is the silo from Dr. Dremo's; also, a correction: there is a TV above the bar, but it's usually muted and tuned to TCM.


A TV, huh? I've been in there many, many times and never noticed it and certainly never noticed it turned on. I have to look for it next time I'm in.


Man, I effing love the Hut. We're moving out of the area in 3 weeks, and the Hut is probably the #1 thing we'll miss. God bless Lary, Bill, and the Hut's fryer.

Tim Christensen

It's hard to love smoke when you're a non smoker--or an ex-smoker, in my case. No offense intended toward anyone, but I just couldn't take it.


I hear you, Tim. Given the choice between smoking and non, I prefer no smoking. The point I was making was more philosophical. Elementary schools, churches and hospital wards where smoking bans make perfect sense. Bars are dens of vice, so prohibiting drinkers from smoking doesn't make complete sense. What's the message: screw the liver, save the lungs? If adults want to go out for a few beers and a smoke, I think they should be allowed to. More importantly, businesses - particularly bars - should be allowed to cater to that crowd. Afterall, there's nothing illegal about smoking and drinking.


I've loved the Galaxy Hut since its first incarnation as Roratonga Rodeo in 1990. Back then, the only thing going on after the funeral home closed was this joint. Its only gotten better since Lary acquired it. To be honest, we only stop in a couple of times a year due to the smoking. That will change in December, just in time for our annual Christmas night visit.

Cheers, Rick

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