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Aug 08, 2009


Brandon Green

I'm surprised that the cupcake trend has gone on this long. Sure, I like them, but I figured we'd have moved on by now.


I wrote the review of Something Sweet and although it focuses on the cupcakes they have, the store is not a "cupcake shop" by any means. They have a variety of baked goods, along with ice cream, frozen yogurt, and drinks. The cupcakes were their most-hyped item, and that's why I tried them first.


Katie, thanks for writing in. I did not call Something sweet a "cupcake shop". I said that cupcakes were still going strong in DC, because they are still going strong. I did also mention the variety of goods at the store. I'm sorry if you misread what I wrote.
Here's what I wrote: You wrote a review of the newly-opened Something sweet. They have cupcakes. Cupcakes are $2.75. They also have frozen yogurt..etc..etc.


Thanks, Ramona, for the link. I was actually referring to Brandon's "surprise" at the cupcake trend and pointing out that this shop does not necessarily fit neatly into that trend. Trying to fit in another trip to Something Sweet soon!

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