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Weekly Blog Roundup

Heard around the DC Foodies blogosphere this week...Each Wednesday, I look forward to seeing what Metrocurean will mention in her Wednesday's Delicious Deals post. This week, West End Bistro's complimentary Philadelphia soft pretzels were featured, and can be enjoyed while watching Top Chef each Wednesday, at the bar or hotel lounge, as long as Philly contestant Jennifer Connelly is on the show.

Gut Check recently reported on the opening of BGR: The Burger Joint in Old Town Alexandria. People have been enjoying BGR's burgers in their Bethesda location, including a 15.4 lb. mega burger. On the hamburgers at the N. Washington St. location, Don Rockwell member "goldenticket" noted "I thoroughly enjoyed my first BGR burger on Monday, cooked just as I ordered (Med-rare). I look forward to going back to try some of the other offerings like the veggie and turkey burgers".

Foodie Tots has been going strong with her participation in the One Local Summer Challenge. Visiting local farms and markets, FT has been using summer produce to make delicious dishes, such as Chilled Plum Soup with Blue Cheese Panna Cotta and Tomato Jam.

In more great recipes from local food bloggers, Adventures in Shaw returned to her blog after a brief hiatus that left her anxious to whip something up. "I feel like I’m having to play catch up, so I’ve been whirling around my kitchen like a drunken teenage girl on prom night", she noted. Despite the summer heat, Roasted Red Pepper Soup can hit the spot. AiS recommends that you take the time to roast your own (preferably local) red peppers to add great depth of flavor to the soup.

Finally, Local Kicks reported that Pork Barrel BBQ will be opening a restaurant in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria next spring. A duo of Capital Hill workers who dreamed of their hometown Kansas City BBQ while serving on the Senate Appropriations Committee have teamed up to form a line of BBQ products and open a bbq joint in our area. Thus, talks of pork barrel spending turned into Pork Barrel BBQ.



Is it me or are Burger Joint's burgers never cooked to order. The recognition they get and the popularity of this place is very surprising to me. No matter how rare I order my burger there, it always comes out well done. For the amount they charge for a burger, I would think they could cook it to order, even in the middle of the afternoon when there's no one there.


I'm with you on the doneness, Jason. I"m anxious to try a burger at BGR. I'm really hoping that I won't be dissappointed in the quality and preparation. If it's lacking, I certainly don't mind the drive and wait at Hell Burger.


ummm Jason and Ramona every burger at BGR is cooked to order always, its a non negotiable. the problem is, most folks have a weird definition of rare. if its cool in the center we always get it returned. so we have a code order it "rare, the real way" our cashiers know the code. if you order it rare to go it will always be overcooked, ( it will continue to cook in the wrapping) so its best to have it on site.


mbucher-I was agreeing with Jason on the importance of doneness in general-apart from Jason's experience with a BGR burger. I trust Jason knows how to determine doneness. I do. I look forward to to trying one of your burgers very soon-I'll report back on how the burger tasted and was cooked.


mbucher, *If* you are from the restaurant, then I encourage you NOT to dumb down your food. Or perhaps, warn people when they order it rare about how it will be cooked or have informational sheets at the cash register. I shouldn't have to order with a special code to get it done the way it is supposed to be done.

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