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Rustico: Best beer bar or church of the hopped and malted? Both, actually.

Weekly Blog Roundup

Occidental Heard around the DC Foodies blogosphere this week...  Last week, DC Foodies mentioned an up and coming trend in the DC area; wine bar/bistros. This week, Washingtonian's Best Bites Blog presented an early look at Masa 14, a self-styled tequila bar. One hundred nineteen varieties of tequila will be served until 3 AM on the weekends. More on the fusion influences and cuisine at Masa 14 can be found here.

Counter Intelligence compiled a week's eats including dinner at The Occidental and CityZen.  At The Occidental, Chef Scrugg's Fried Chicken Two Ways sounded splendid, with candied orange peel and chamomile tea. A White Pumpkin Soup will be added to his fall menu. You can also read CI's dispatch from Inox, where she unexpectedly enjoyed a rose under the guidance of Wine Director, John Wabeck.

Brightest Young Things had a nice recap of the Taste of Georgetown last Saturday,which, despite the rain, appeared to be a successful event. BYT interviewed local bloggers/writers and judges Amanda McClements (Metrocurean) and Nycci Nellis (The List Are You On It). They were tasked with sampling 50 dishes at the event. McClements picked Morso's octopus as the winner. Clyde's lobster roll and Bourbon Steak's butterscotch pudding rounded out the top 3. For more on Alex Nicholson's report, and mouth-watering photos that will make you mark your calendar for next year, go here.

Kale Fall is really here it seems, with rain, chill and falling leaves cascading gently down from my trees to the browning grass below. That means, it's time for hearty braises, brassicas and root vegetables. Coconut and Lime made Roasted Pork with Caramelized Onions, Roasted Potatoes and Apples. It's got 1/4 cup of bourbon in it- how bad could that be? Seriously. 

Finally, The Arugula Files conquered kale with Molly (Wizenberg, not Stevens) in a dish called Braised Kale with Spaghetti and Chorizo. TAF used Neiman Ranch chorizo for the dish, and recommends a good Parmesan or Grana Padano to finish.


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