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Nov 03, 2009



I've had brunch at Co Co. Sala and enjoyed it a lot but it certainly has its own unique twist that may not be for everyone. I like this place a lot and thing they do a good job of offering something a little different but you have a valid point in regards to their dinner menu and prices. The chocolate-cover bacon kept me pretty happy though!

Bharet Malhotra

I personally responded to Drew and Trish's thoughtful review...I didnt have their contact info so I emailed it to the emails below...kindly forward to them. I would be very thankful.


Co-owner Co Co. Sala


Bharet, feel free to email me at drew@dcfoodies.com.

Shaw Girl

I've been to Co Co. Sala several times during the evening and enjoyed the experience. It's a great place to meet for drinks and enjoy dessert. But Drew's got a point about lunch. I can't imagine trying to hunch over those low tables for a full on meal.

Convince Me DC

I went to Co Co Sala for my birthday brunch and it was fantastic. So much tasty goodness on one table. I also held my bridal shower here and it worked out well. I agree that the tables are low which makes it difficult to eat as you normally would, but for a party it works extremely well and makes it more festive. Plus, they opened up the restaurant early just for us!


Just went for the 1st time last night for me and my bf's anniverary. I have mixed feelings about this place.


Can you elaborate, Dskco?


I love the brunch, and the lunch I had there was surprisingly great.

I just think they should only open 1 part at lunch - the part with the tables. I've been seated at those low tables with stools each time and it's very annoying. Uncomfortable and makes the meal feel like it's dragging on.

BUT, the food is great

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