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Dec 22, 2009



Personally, I prefer the cowboy (roast beef, onions, peppers and brie). By the way, the score is added up incorrectly - should be 12/20.


I've been a patron of Lost Dog for twenty years now. During that time I've moved a few blocks away and it is now part of my neighborhood. It is a great place, and their rescue operation is wonderful. On two issues raised by this review, the staff knowledge and the noise, don't hold your breath on Ross doing anything about it. I know from experience with his employees that he is completely intransigent in his ways. Same with the three beer rule, which many of us fought when he bought Luna Park and converted it to Stray Cat, depriving the neighborhood of another option for bar hopping.

I'll also give a plug to the Westover Market across from Lost Dog, which has its own impressive beer selection and hosts frequent tastings and entertainment.


Thomas, great catch and great sandwich. I've fixed the score and will try to try the cowboy next time I visit the Lost Dog.

Lou, as I mentioned in the post, I've been going to the Lost Dog for 11 years, but I've never really noticed the Westover Market. However, I happened to stop in after my interview with Ross when I noticed the beer signs. And you're right, the selection is great. Between the Lost Dog and the market, the folks living in that neighborhood have access to a whole lot of great beer.


The Columbia Pike location has a lot less families and more in the 20s and 30s range of clientele. It also seems to be a lot less noisy. I probably stop by about once a week.

I second the recommendation for Westover Market. Great beer selection and they have an outdoor beer garden Fridays and Saturdays most weeks with a very good mix of drafts.


Rich, I like the Columbia location for much the same reasons: less noisy and less crowded. I will say, they need to do more to make the place standout. I drove by it a couple times before noticing it, which is why I said in the post that it's across from the Cinema and Drafthouse. Still, it's great to be able to pop into a Lost Dog and not fight the crowd and sound.


breaking news from the mid 80s! brickskeller probably had decent service once upon a time. and all the beer that they claim to as well. then it might be worth going there.

snarkiness aside, the Lost Dog is great. but really, who didn't know that already?


Um, thanks dano.

Hey, Scott Stone sent me a note to say he has moved on from Eola and will be back behind the bar at the upcoming Iron Horse Tap Room (ironhorsedc.com) on 7th Street in Chinatown. Swing by and see the man at work.


Stop on in at the Lost Dog South when you can. Our bartenders seem to exceed in the beer knowledge arena where the original location lacks. Come in on a Monday or Wednesday and ask me some questions, I should be able to answer most if not all.

Cheers - Jay


Consider it done, Jay.

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