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Jan 06, 2010



in my experience, the food at Dino is horribly uneven, and worse so during restaurant week.


Any info on the menu at Sushi Taro for RW?


Anybody have info on what Birch & Barley is doing? Would be pretty cool if they integrated beer as part of the RW menu, although I somehow doubt it.

Have to disagree with AJ, although I have not been to Dino recently, it has always been fantastic, even during RW.


Has anyone ever eaten at the Palm during RW? Good/bad experience? What was the lunch menu like?


Adour is extending restaurant week to 1/23. They got great reviews from the 2009 RW.



Any info on Ruth's Chris for diner?


Adour was very nice when I went. Didn't blow me away but food was pretty good and the setting was beautiful.

You guys should mention that Jackson 20 is participating until the 24th of January.

Amy J

Oceanaire posted their menu.


@Liz -- Ruth's Chris is nearly always the exact same menu - a salad to start (no choice on this, I don't think), choice of filet, chicken or salmon with a side dish, and a dessert (last RW they removed the chocolate sin cake from the RW menu, and basically your only options are sorbet or ice cream now.) We love the steak, so we usually hit up Ruth's Chris during RW, but I admit to being disappointed with the dwindling options on the menu.


also - I've never had a bad meal at Dino. I'd say it's my favorite restaurant in DC. Excellent food, good ambiance (except those horribly crowded 2-tops in the front), and I just love the accessibility of the owner and what he is attempting to do with the restaurant.


@Amber - Right on point! I emailed Ruth's Chris to get their menu. Here's what they sent me:

Dinner Menu
A Complete Meal That Includes

Your choice of one of the following starters:
Caesar Salad
Steak House Salad
Louisiana Seafood Gumbo

Your choice of one of the following entrées:
Stuffed Chicken Breast
Oven roasted free-range double chicken breast stuffed with garlic herb cheese then drizzled with lemon butter

Filet & Shrimp
6 oz tender filet topped with three grilled shrimp

North Atlantic Salmon
Broiled or Blackened

Your choice of one of the following personal side items:
Creamed Spinach
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Sautéed Mushrooms

Your choice of one of the following Desserts:
Dessert Duo - carrot cake & a chocolate cup filled with chocolate mousse
Chocolate Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream
Raspberry Sorbet


To echo emily... any word on Sushi Taro's dinner menu?

I just heard that Sushi Taro lunch had no choices (?) and included duck and bok choy, nigiri sushi plate, noodles with beef or shrimp, and green tea ice cream.


thanks for the post.
Wow...what a great list. Hard to pick a favorite. Each offer some wonderful meals.
Dino is good though!


Do not go to Hook this Restaurant Week. I went tonight and it was a madhouse. Our reservation was for 8:00 pm and we did not get seated until 8:40 pm. There were many individuals waiting a minimum of twenty minutes for their "reservations!"


Went to Bombay Club. After the fact we figured out that the RW menu costs the same as the regular menu. Shame on me for not doing research in advance!


Anyone know of a good steakhouse option that's extending past this weekend? Looks like all the usual (Charlie Palmer, Palm, J&G, etc.) are booked up and finishing as scheduled (or early in some cases). And as previously mentioned - not interested in Ruth's Chris...


Thanks for the posting.
Great list of places to eat. I love this week of delicious eating!!!! Yeah!


Any reviews of Bibiana for RW?


Amber: Bibiana was good (for lunch) although we both found our entrees were pretty oversalted. But there are definitely plenty of options to choose from and overall, the food was quite good. Get the fried cremes, a very cool, original dessert! I found 701 to be much better than Bibiana - what a consistently great restaurant it is! Every time I go there, I leave so pleased with what I ate.


Also, what's up with Kellari Taverna's links above leading to Summer RW menus? Have they not posted their Winter menus at all? On their website, all the RW-related links seemd to be messed up... I am going tonight and have no idea what to expect.


@ Kristen: Not to mention that Hook sucks these days anyways. Been going way downhill for the past 2 years.

Was pretty disappointed by PassionFish after all the good things I'd heard. Food was very mediocre. Not worth the drive and traffic to Reston.
Maybe we just ordered the wrong things?

Rasika was delicious as usual. Looking forward to a few more spots this coming week.

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