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Mar 22, 2010



I will give your post a 91. LOL


heeeheeee, I don't drink at all, but I do enjoy wondering around in wine shops looking at the labels :-). Thought I was a bit weird, but now don't feel that "bad" anymore :-)

Matt K

Picked up the Merlot at Red, White, and Bleu in Falls Church and it was pretty good. I believe they have the Cab as well. Always been a fan of the Hedges stuff, and until I saw this didn't pick up on the connection. Thanks.

Sarah Marie

I'm guilty of buying wine for the labels too -- it's impossible to resist buying something that looks good when you're in graphic design.

Guilty pleasure, I guess. But every now and then it works out nicely :)

Craig in Illinois

Yeah... The label is nice... I am on a quest to find more of the 2006 Independent Producers Sauvignon Blanc. I scored three bottles in central Illinois and cannot find anymore. Can't wait to try the 2007 Merlot.


tesco wine online

This is the first time I have heard of someone buying wine because they liked the labels. Guess its more common than I initially thought. time to mention this to the suits in the boardroom I think.


ha, your story sounds like my own, except I was at wholefoods. when I saw this merlot - I picked it & read the scoRevoluTion label & purchased it as a way to thumb it to "the man" and went back the next day to buy a case. it's just heavenly...

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