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Apr 14, 2010



I think one would have better luck smoking individual slices. I'd like to take up either grilling or smoking bacon as an experiemnt, but I don't have access to a reliable grill for tweaking right now.


"The Stillwater ale, however, is just bitter enough, thanks to some dry hopping, to keep the beer from getting insipid."

Dry hopping doesn't add bitterness to a beer. Dry hopping adds aroma. Dry hopping doesn't utilize the alpha acids of the hops and therefore contributes no bitterness.


Chris, I thought about the smoker, but I figured it would be too much because the bacon was already smoked. However, grilling thick slices might have worked better. Clearly, this is something I need to revisit.

Anon, generally you're right; dry hopping is meant to provide aroma, while bittering hops added early in the boil are meant to provide only bitter flavors. However, as hops have a naturally bitter flavor and do impart some of their oils to the beer during the dry hopping, I have to assume that effects the flavor of the beer. That said, I could be wrong and Brian Strumke is just adding a good amount of bittering hops early on, or the farmhouse yeast he uses has some bitter qualities. I've been wrong before and I'll be wrong again. What's important is he's making a good beer that's well worth trying.

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