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Apr 16, 2010



I love this rum. I pick up two bottles every chance I go to Puerto Rico (which has only been twice, haha). My mom is a big fan, and a DC resident, so I'll make sure to pass the good news along. Thanks a ton!

- Julian


I, too, was turned onto this rum by a friend from Puerto Rico. My first taste was the three star. I didn't even know rum came aged, much less 6-10 years! Stunning stuff. Daggers to anyone who even thinks of mixing this stuff with anything. Just this Saturday, my friend brought me another bottle of the three star along with a bottle of the two star, which is excellent, as well. It's "only" aged three years or more. Would not suggest mixing this one, either. I did try it with ice, though. Very, very nice. Funny thing is, the three star is like $20 at the airport in PR. Everywhere I've seen it listed on the web is at least $37-$40. SCORE for ME!


Fantastic rum, for sure, but I like it a lot more coming back from PR at $15/bottle.


In Puerto Rico, you go to confession if you dare mix it with with anything other than water or ice. My American friends who for 15 years now take their annual golf trip with me are all rabid devotees of this fine sipping drink.

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