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May 04, 2010



Oh, hello, lover...I can understand the obsession, that looks amazing, and makes me want to literally RUN over to Taylor Gourmet right now. Oh, wait, they deliver, right? Okay. I'll wait right here. BRING.


This is the first time I've heard of this joint. I'll be trying it out ASAP. Thanks


OMG! If I introduce this to my husband, I may lose him to this sandwich seductress! Good thing it's a bit of a hike.


It's well worth the hike.


Just had it for lunch. Pretty damn good. The broccoli rabe is an excellent accompaniment.


Too bad this is actually a PHILADELPHIA creatyion. Another nice try by an utterly irrelevant city...




as in a PHILADELPHIA creation.

Thanks useless DC. Not your sammich.


Wow, drunk by noon? Good times, tb420. Good times.


Yeah, I think there's little doubt that DiNic's at the Reading Terminal Market in Philly does that sandwich best. Glad someone is trying to make it here, though.


Yeah, yeah. And the pizza at Guido's on Bleeker Street beats anything in DC OR Naples Italy. Who cares? Taylor makes a great roast pork broccoli rabe sandwich. Period.


Did someone a few post up mention 420? The cashier at the K St Taylor can help you with that from what I understand.


Agreed this sandwich is great, as long as the pork you get isnt too fatty and they give you a little bit of juice to keep it all moist. However, do not sleep on their meatball sub. Very very good.

My other thought on Taylor is: always get the 12" sub. you pay 7.50 for access to the 6", so spend $2 more and get 2 meals if you arent hungry enough for the whole one straight away.


Sounds like Taylor is doing an homage to the great Philly cheesesteak place Tony Lukes, which does the BEST roast pork, broccoli rabe, provolone sub you will ever have - in fact, best sandwich you will ever have in your life. If you ever get to Philly, this should be your first stop.

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