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Jun 10, 2010



I think they are okay, Tutto Bene or My Bakery are wayyyyyy better. I found a small bone & cartilage in my last empanada by Julia. I wish there was more empanada competition in the District!!! Then Julia would step up her game, which is pretty bland right now.


You may be right, Sella, but as you note, Julia's has the DC market (and my little heart) cornered. That said, I obviously don't find Julia's empanadas bland at all. Instead of a pizza showdown, maybe what DC needs is an empanada competition.


I've had many of those empanadas with Drew (the 2 am variety, never the 11 am kind) and I always like them when I eat them. Then I wake up the next morning wondering why I did that to myself. I'm giving the nod to the half-smoke as DC's food.


what about ethiopian food?


What about it, mike?

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