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Jun 18, 2010


The Bethesda Foodie

I went there once. Very nice winery but it's in the middle of nowhere. Certainly a good stopping point if you're traveling along 95 :)

Love Virginia Wine

We want to love this winery but we always have an awful experience on the customer service side.

They do an excellent job of taking your money upfront and collecting payment but everything in between is a crapshoot. Always check your bill they tend to err on the side of charging for more or tacking on cover fees when bands are playing without telling you.

We were there for a tasting and they had two weddings going on, the space isn't big enough for two weddings. It was enjoyable watching as guests didn't know which wedding was which and the staff yelling at guests for using the wrong doors or going into the wrong rooms.

The poor cake lady for one wedding had to cart a cake around the entire place, through the tasting room and through the heat on a little cart because they wouldn't let her use a door that led right into the room. It looked like it was going to fall over!

It seems uppity for a newer up and coming winery and until they improve their customer service, we won't be going back.

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