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Jun 11, 2010



My husband and I attended last year and this year and found it to be a pretty well run event. I thought the food was markedly better this year. We decided to eat dinner beforehand this year which I think helped. With any large scale event, keeping food hot and plentiful is a challenge, but I did think the food was decent (and the mac and cheese dfinitely not gag-inducing at all). It's definitely not a foodie event, it's a beer event. But saying the food sucked is too harsh in my opinion.

LoveFeast Table

Sounds like it's a blast (and for someone who didn't "remember" much...you did a pretty great job!) but, how does one get tickets to next year's event if it's selling out so fast?


No, Rob's right, the food sucked. It was presented better and refreshed pretty well, but it didn't taste very good ... again. As for tickets, LoveFeast Table, you have to be on the ball. When they go on sale, be ready to buy them immediately.


Couldn't make it this year but it sounds like it was a bit more on the bad side then the good side from the review you posted. But I take it from the lack of remembering that you had a great time and having a great time at such an awesome beer event is all that really matters.

Rob Rutledge

Actually, Chris, I did have a really good time. The components of the experience need to be weighted, with the beer floor being the heaviest. Yeah, the salon was a rough pick, and then... the food... but it was still a blast.


Really glad to hear that. I guess it's another example of how people talk more about bad experiences over good ones.

Now I'm crossing my fingers that Savor will finally get their act together for next year, when it comes to the food. Maybe actually trying to make it more like the beer side, where there are coutless vendors showing off their best (most of them at least). Can't have one vendor with bad food year after year...well at least I hope not.

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