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Jun 01, 2010


LoveFeast Table

I was just thinking about this very thing this morning as I bit into a perfectly round and crisp grape that tasted processed! How does that happen? What were grapes supposed to taste like? Or tomatoes for that matter?

San Marzano Tomatoes

"Oh, and the cans of pricey San Marzano tomatoes you’re buying at the grocery store? They’re probably a Roma or similar plum-type tomato. Disease likely wiped out Italy’s San Marzanos 40 years ago."

That is absolutely not true at all. The SM did suffer a through a 20 year period of disease (Cucumber Mosaic Virus) and pollution (bromide and Temik), but in the 1990s it made a spectacular comeback.

During the 1990s, agroscientists from the Cirio Research Center (Center Cirio Recirche) in Italy, led by Dr. Patrizia Spigno, went out to the remaining farms and fields of San Marzano tomato growers to search for the "true" San Marzano tomato. Finding cultivars that had all the characteristics and features of the old San Marzano would later become important for receiving EU recognition and certification. They identified 27 possible cultivars and grew them for 2 years. A the end of 2 years, 2 cultivars were singled out. These 2 cultivars then became the basis for which local farmers in the Campania region of Agro-Sarnese Norcerino would need to receive DOP recognition from the European Union.

Italian agricultural scientists now use DNA testing to insure that SM's being currently grown remain true to the originals, and 2 basis cultivars.

My research on the San Marzano has led me to different conclusions than Mr. Allen's.

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