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Hey Hop Heads: Paradiso Presents JulyPA Days!

6a00d8345244ce69e20120a595b347970c-800wi With Restaurant Week and DC Beer Week in the offing, some really cool events are bound to slip through the cracks. Chatting with Greg Jasgur of Pizzeria Paradiso last night, I learned about just such an event! Call it Christmas In July for hopheads; PP has just kicked off JulyPA Days!

Starting this morning, both Pizzeria Paradiso locations will be dedicating ALL of their combined 30 draught lines to those biggest and boldest of beers, the India Pale Ale. This style, once relegated to the back burner of American brewing, is now the fastest growing segment of the microbrew market, with the heft and power envelope being further pushed everyday.

Now, you can find an embarrassment of IPAs at any reputable beer bar, but you won't find anything quite like what Greg and his cronies have cooked up. Some really rare gems, almost completely unavailable at this time, will be tapped today. Amongst well known local stalwarts like the Dogfish Head 60 Minute and Heavy Seas Loose Cannon, relatively unknown treasures like the Scottish-born Brewdog Hardcore will be on the menu. For those that love "Real Ale," Bell's Two-Hearted Ale and PA's Victory Hop Wallop will be available on hand pull. If you miss seasonal favorites like the Bell's Hopslam, gone some two months now, a held-back keg will be tapped tomorrow, along with TWO offerings from the much-sought Three Floyds brewery, the Alpha King and the extremely rare Apocalypse Cow.

6a00d8345244ce69e20120a53ec387970b-800wi To accompany these ballsy beers, the chef has cooked up a couple of themed specials. The "I-nsalata P-aradiso A-ppetizer" (har!) is a strongly flavored salad of  arugula, sweet peppers, cucumber, pine nuts, and blue cheese, dressed in a lemon vinaigrette. The "I-Pizz-A" (double har!) features roasted local peaches and apricots, prosciutto di Parma, ricotta, goat cheese, and basil, on the restaurant's classic Neopolitan crust.

Greg says that they are gonna keep the kegs tapped till they are kicked, but you can't expect some of those suckers to stick around for very long. For a full list of featured beers, take a look at Paradiso's website here. If you call yourself a hophead, or are possessed of a similar affliction, you cannot miss this event. And remember, each restaurant will be featuring it's own particular selection, so call ahead for the lineup, or better yet, hit up both!

Pizzeria Paradiso

3282 M Street NW
Washington, DC


2003 P St. NW
Washington, DC



No snark intended, but you know "IPA" is an acronym for "INDIA Pale Ale," as opposed to "IMPERIAL Pale Ale," right?


Oops! Sure do, CPS! -- pardon the error. Wrote that up and looked it over a bit too fast.
Fixed! Thanks for calling it to my attention. Hope you get a chance to head over, yourself.


Awesome! Close to my job too! Thanks for the info.

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