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Jul 29, 2010



Unless you're talking about a rare beer -- and it doesn't look like you are -- $13 a glass is a bit on the pricey side. Hats off to the no-Bud Light policy, though. I hope that the bartender took the opportunity to expose the guy to a better beer.


It was a very good beer, perfect for summer, but yes, way to expensive for one beer.


YAY! Glad to see a new review from you, Jason!


Great concept for a restaurant and the mussles were cooked perfectly, but the sauce was disappointing. I ordered the wild 'shroom, pancetta, Parmesan, and truffle cream. The pancetta was delish, but I couldn't taste the truffle oil in this dish. Without the pancetta, this bland dish would have been even more bland. I also tried the 3 dipping sauces for the frites and was not remotely impressed. I don't plan to go back unless a friend insists upon eating there.


I saw a tweet from Amy about an endless wait for a table and I just knew this is where you were. We tried to go last week and it was an hour wait at 6 pm. We left b/c we had the child with us. We want to go back though.


This place is not worth the wait. Service is terrible-- the waitress took forever to get our drink orders out and by that I mean 30 minutes for HALF of our drink orders; the other half came about 15 minutes later. Maybe the bartender was slow in getting the drinks out, maybe she was overwhelmed/weeded.... regardless she didn't acknowledge we were there for at least 15 minutes and we should have just left but we wanted to give the place a chance. If Wiedemaier is going to charge $22 for an albeit excellent beer, he'd better have service to match.

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